Monday, June 30, 2014

Career Planning Guidelines of Axis Human Capital Group Recruitment Development Accra

Guidelines for Creating a Simple, Well-Written CV or Resume

Imagine that you are an employer with 2 open positions to fill. After advertising the position, you receive 200 CVs for the 2 positions, and you have to screen all CVs in order to be fair, and to be able to select applicants to interview. Think of some of the things that will cause you to discard some CVs, or things that will raise your interest in other CVs. Would you like to invest your time in going through 200 typo-filled, colourful, disorganized and grammatically incorrect CVs? Probably not. Read on to find out about the dos and don’ts of CV writing.

Remember that your CV or resume usually gives the first impression of you as a person and as a potential employee, and so it must speak very well of you. See it as your opportunity to market your personal brand and make you an attractive, first choice pick for any job position. Since you are not physically there with potential recruiters to elaborate on anything, your CV must be clear and contain all the necessary information. It must be well-organized, to-the-point, and easy to read, and must be clean and free from any kind of grammatical or typographical errors. The decision to interview you is usually based on the overall first impression given by your CV or Resume. Your CV or Resume is needed to get your foot in the door – it should impress and persuade the reader that you are a potential ‘right-fit’ for the job, and should lead to an interview and ultimately, to a new job and career.

In this document, please take note of the following topics:

The difference between a CV and a Resume
Components of a CV
Visual Layout of a CV
Components of a CV
The Dos of CV writing
The Don’ts of CV Writing
Other Job Search Strategies and Tools
Interviewing Skills

The Difference between a Resume and a CV

The term “resume” comes from the French word for summary – résumé. The resume then, is a brief summary about your [relevant] background – past jobs, educational background and relevant skills etc. that you bring to the job. Resumes/CVs on their own don’t get jobs - they get you interviews, and it’s your performance at interviews that gets you the job! Especially for jobs outside of academia, resumes are preferred, while CVs are more common for academic positions. For non-academic positions, resumes are widely used in the USA, while CVs are more commonly used for both academic and non-academic positions in European and African countries including Ghana. CV styles differ from one country/region to the other, and in academia, it also may differ from one discipline to another. Be sensitive to what is appropriate wherever you find yourself. It is also prudent to have multiple (2 or 3) versions of your CV, each with a particular emphasis – for industry, for academia, for certain types of jobs, etc…

The abbreviation “CV” stands for “Curriculum Vita,” which comes from two Latin words –
currere and vita. Currere means to run – as in, to run a course. Vita means life, and together, “curriculum vita” means the course of life. The CV is typically more comprehensive, and covers your relevant experience over the course of your life. Curriculum Vita or Curriculum Vitae is singular, while Curricula Vitae is plural. The CV [a biographical sketch] is also referred to simply as a Vita.

*** When sending application documents to Axis, CVs are preferred, so long as they are well-written and follow the guidelines below. The lists of Do’s and Don’ts of CV writing provided in this section are by no means exhaustive.

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Axis Human Capital Group Recruitment Advisory Jakarta: Our Approach

·        We believe that building competency in the workplace is the most effective way of sustaining the capacity of people to perform well in the long term. We do this by moving beyond technical training, and paying attention to "overlooked" issues such as diversity in the workplace, interpersonal relationships, work ethic, workspace design, value systems, job satisfaction, motivation, work/life balance, professional development opportunities for all in the workplace and more.

·        We believe in prioritizing the potential of job applicants in our recruiting and selection processes, not just their experience. Using non-traditional methods in our recruiting and selection, we identify and provide clients with well-rounded, "high capacity" and "high-impact" employees.

·        We believe in putting knowledge gained into practice, so we assist our clients to design personal and organizational Action Plans as part of every training and development session.

·        We believe that any public, private or nonprofit organization can engage in meaningful branding efforts for great returns by developing and focusing on their people, especially at the frontline level.

·        We believe in social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility (CSR), and so we help our clients to develop strategies through which they can demonstrate CSR tailored to match and reflect their mission and vision. We help our clients to make a difference!

·        We believe in facilitating the work of HR managers, so we empower and equip them to adopt innovative and progressive policies and practices.

·        We believe in bridging the gap between academe and industry, and so we go as far as primary schools to start exposing our future leaders and managers to innovative career options. We also conduct research on HR issues to inform practice.

·        We believe in sustainability, and so we actively follow-up on our clients to evaluate their progress and assist them further as needed.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Our Clients and Partners of Axis Human Capital Group Recruitment

We have hired CEOs, Investment Analysts, Lawyers, Executive Assistants, Marketing Managers, Human Resource Managers, Operations Managers, Administrative Assistants and other professionals for our clients.

We have also conducted employee training and career development workshops for some of our clients. We do not believe in 'lectures' where participants are 'talked at'. Instead, our workshops are very interactive, and we engage in exercises and use worksheets that participants work through. Participants are usually required to design Action Plans that will help them to put what they learnt to good use.

If you would like to place an advert on our website, learn more and send us whatever questions you may have. Visit us at

Ø Ashesi University
Ø Black Star Advisors
Ø Clegg & Associates
Ø Creating Wellness Centres
Ø DreamOval
Ø East Airport International School
Ø Friedrich Ebert Siftung
Ø Image Consortium/Dizengoff
Ø Immanuel Restoration School
Ø Longevity Project
Ø TechGov
Ø West Africa Media Foundation (WAMDEF)

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Axis Human Capital Group Recruitment Development Accra - Advertisement

Axis HCL is currently open for advertisement! Our site visitors are mostly jobseekers, employers, entrepreneurs, managers, CEO's, etc. We focus on human resource management and job recruitment services that are relevant to our visitors. Our contents are current and updated frequently and maintained by the Axis HCL Web Team.

Our site receives an average of 100 unique visitors per month, 3000 page view monthly. If you are interested in placing your advertisement on our website, kindly contact us for due procedures. However, the following are the various kinds of advertisement spots we place on our site.

690 x 110 Large Rectangle Advert Spot
Available spot: 1
Location: homepage of site
Price: 450 GH¢ per month

220 x 125 Medium Rectangle Advert Spot
Available spot: 1
Location: side bar of site
Price: 350 GH¢ per month

110 X 110 Square Button Advert Spot
Available Spot: 4
Location: Side Bar
Price: 250 GH¢ Per Month

Additional Advantages

This is a fully automated system created by Axis HCL. Majority of the operation is be handled automatically by the system. Hence, you will receive additional benefits other than advertisement advantages. Here are some of them:

·         You can fill up a proper description for your image so that it will serve as a help message to indicate where the link goes to.
·         Each banner will have the opportunity that it will appear anywhere in its category. This means banners are not static they will be randomly place upon each refresh. This will ensure everyone have the opportunity to be seen.
·         The system will automatically resize your image to the appropriate banner size. However, it is advisable to resize it yourself before you send the image to the Axis HCL site server.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our History of Axis Human Capital Group Recruitment Advisory Jakarta

Axis is a registered Limited Liability Company (LLC), born out of the desire of its partners to identify and support jobseekers in not just finding jobs, but building careers. This vision and orientation is what makes Axis unique and very focused on Career Development. Axis started its operations out of a small office in Tudu (South Liberia & Kojo Thompson Road), with space graciously offered by the Longevity Project. Axis then relocated to another office on 69 Dade Street, North Labone in October 2008. Axis is currently located at F106/5 4th Soula Street, Labone.

Axis has facilitated workshops career planning workshops to assist job seekers in effective CV writing skills, preparation for job interviews, public speaking skills. In addition, Axis has provided entrepreneurship training to equip budding and experienced entrepreneurs. These activities are central to Axis' commitment to make a difference and become part of Africa's history makers in investing in, and developing human capital.

Our team is made up of professionals with varied backgrounds in Human Resource Management, Financial & Fund Management, Business Process and Supply Chain Management, CSR Policy Development, Public and Business Administration and Software Engineering.

Axis currently offers a range of services including Recruitment, Organizational Development, Talent Management and Professional Development of individuals, HR Technical Assistance and Business Advisory services. In the future, Axis hopes to provide services that cover areas including Employment Law, Social Marketing, Research and Development, Social Entrepreneurship and Public Sector Branding to its clients.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Axis Human Capital Group Recruitment: Research and Development

We believe strongly in the importance and necessity of R&D, and so we will conduct research in operations and human resource-related issues in Ghana. We will publish results of our studies, and will also undertake client-commissioned projects. We seek to become information brokers and a warehouse with a wealth of information on HR in Ghana, drawing on the experiences of our Team members who are also in academia.

·       Best Practices in Industry - we will conduct research on local and international best practices in specific industries and areas
·       Special Topics - independent and commissioned research projects, symposia, workshops, conferences etc.
·       Global South-South Learning Exchanges - we believe in learning from contexts similar to ours, and so we conduct research in specific industries and facilitate learning exchanges between our clients and their counterparts in other parts of the world, especially the global south.
·       Knowledge IdeaBank - Database of research ideas and outlines (especially useful for students & researchers)
·       We plan to establish an Axis Library
o   Subscription-based borrowing privileges
o   Access to online article database (in-house and/or external)

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Business Advisory Services of Axis Human Capital Group Recruitment Development Accra

Axis is committed to working especially with entrepreneurs to set up and improve their businesses. Some of our Axis Team members are experts in Business Development and are ready to support businesses in designing winning growth and development strategies. As is characteristic with Axis, we organize very interactive and action-oriented workshops where we equip entrepreneurs with knowledge and skills that will help them set up and grow their businesses. 

Our services include the following:

·       Idea banking - helping people to dream 'on paper'
·       Starting a business in Ghana - registration, legal obligations etc...
·       Entrepreneurship - crucial lessons
·       Writing excellent Business Plans
·       Writing effective Strategic Plans
·       Financial management
·       Sound investment options for businesses
·       Business forecasting
·       Business process re-engineering
·       Operations research and analysis

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Axis Human Capital Group Recruitment Advisory Jakarta - Talent Management and Professional Development

We believe in managing talent wherever it may be found, from primary all the way to tertiary institutions, and in workplaces. Through our special Axis TM initiatives, we seek to challenge existing perceptions about careers and to support progressive and innovative approaches to career planning and development. Our aim is to expose people from childhood to adulthood to the world of work, introducing them to diverse career options and opportunities, presenting them with resources to enhance their career development and helping them to excel in their chosen fields, fuelled by their passion.

We are very passionate about investing in young people, and a lot of our activities are geared towards their career development. Our workshops are very interactive. Our efforts include, but are not limited to the following:

Axis Talent Management services for young people, from Primary to Tertiary levels

·        Facilitating an exploration of unlimited career options for young people
·        Leadership development through mentoring and supportive programs
·        Realistic and feasible exposure to the world of work - career coaching/planning - cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset etc, CV writing workshops etc...
·        Business Communication - CV writing, personal, professional correspondence, report writing etc...
·        We embark on an active campaign to raise the awareness of career options open to students through field trips, workshops, documentaries etc...
·        We provide students not only with exposure, but with practical experience in their chosen fields through internships/attachments
·        We believe in assisting students to be innovative in creating niches for themselves in which they can excel, rather than grooming themselves for existing jobs only.
·        Ultimately, we would like to challenge and facilitate educational reform in which different areas of study are all valued and none are stigmatized. We would like to see a philosophical change in how we see and understand education. (Look out for our Axis Foundation Programs!)

Axis Professional Talent Management services

·        Talent Retention strategies - we help companies to identify talent in their organization and to design strategies to keep and grow their best employees
·        Resettlement Support - We support people who live outside of Ghana and want to either return permanently or get involved in what's going on in Ghana. We will sit with them and strategize, and map out their involvement. Where we don't offer the services they need, we will refer them to other resources - financial institutions etc...
·        Niche Professional Development Opportunities - our aim is to equip individuals in specific professional areas with entrepreneurial skills to develop themselves and to address some of their specific needs.

Target Groups for some of our upcoming projects:
·        Social entrepreneurs (especially young entrepreneurs)
·        Highly skilled expatriates/returnees
·        Sportsmen and women, sports administrators and managers
·        Medical professionals
·        The disabled
·        Teachers/educators
·        Small enterprise owners, petty traders

Thursday, June 19, 2014

HR Technical Assistance of Axis Human Capital Group Recruitment

We provide HR-specific assistance, and this process starts from a thorough needs analysis, planning with clients, implementation, evaluation of development/change strategies and ends with follow-up and ongoing partnership.  We engage clients in a thorough SWOT analysis (together, we find out what their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are).  We assist the organization's HR leaders to carve out and craft their own policies and practices.  Our services include the following:

·       Designing tailored performance management and measurement systems
·       Introducing and monitoring organizational performance metrics
·       Succession planning
·       Assistance with development of comprehensive organizational manual/handbook
·       Job analyses, job evaluations
·       Procurement and provision of HR Information System to clients

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Organizational Development - Axis Human Capital Group Recruitment Development Accra

Organizational development strategies is key in changing the course of businesses to make them more effective and well-aligned to their visions/goals. 

We facilitate strategic management efforts and help our clients to identify their needs in the following areas and strategize how to meet those needs. Ultimately, we help our clients to align the mission and vision of the organization with its strategy and operations. We offer services in the following areas:
·        Strategic Planning
·        Change management
·        Talent management
·        Organizational structure, workspace design
·        CSR policy planning & community engagement
·        Managing stakeholder relations
·        Corporate governance
·        Branding strategies

Organizational Culture - we emphasize the importance of organizational culture in (1), the branding and image-building efforts of the organization, and (2), the sustainability of the organization in the long term. We help our clients to identify how they can improve their organization’s culture along the following dimensions:
·        Workplace behavior, attitudes
·        Gender relations, sexual harassment
·        Diversity
·        Work/life balance
·        Stress management
·        Managing spirituality in the workplace
·        Leadership

We also provide support in the following areas:
·        Morale-boosting activities for the organization
·        Team Building
·        Designing Effective Communication Strategies

·        Personnel Assessments/Testing

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Axis Human Capital Group Recruitment Advisory Jakarta – Recruitment

We believe in the use of creative and innovative ways of attracting and selecting new members of organizations, and so we operate differently from the norm.

Our recruiting - advertising, selection, orientation etc. looks for people who have passion, potential and experience. We move beyond jobs to focus on careers. We also move radically towards hiring people from more non-traditional and diverse backgrounds. This gives much room for innovation and fresh ideas in ways that will make the organization dynamic and adaptable to change.

Below are the procedures for the Jobseeker and the Employer.


To Join Our Network

1.     Take a look at our career building guidelines for writing a great CV, and use it to revise your CV
2.     Register with our Axis Online Network
3.     Fill out the information form as completely as possible
4.     If you would want to be included in our Database as a "Temp" (a person who is thoroughly assessed and is willing to take up short term/temporary positions in companies), kindly indicate that when you fill out the online registration form
5.     Upload your CV (Your CV must be in a .doc, or .docx format & must not exceed 100K)
6.     Visit the site often for relevant and helpful information

For more details on our recruitment processes, including interviews, please register/login.


Regardless of whether you currently have vacancies or not, we invite you to join our Axis Network, by registering online. We are committed to assisting organizations to find the best matches for their organizations, and we also help to develop the capacity of their employees to excel and become valuable contributors to achieving your mission and vision.

Axis has recruited competent employees for organizations across industries that include Law, Health, Education, Financial Services, IT, Non-Profit, Media and Manufacturing. Our clients have been pleased with our placements, since we honor our word; that we recruit people who are not only competent, but have a genuine interest in the industry they will be working in.

We would like to take on the challenge of helping your organization to become competitive in its industry, and to also become a part of its success story.

Below is an outline of our recruitment process...

Initial contact, preliminary assessment

1.     Request received from client in writing (email is acceptable)
2.     Axis sends the service policy, answers questions etc...
3.     Axis makes inquiries about position - job description, start date, salary etc.

Job Advertising on Axis and external sites

1.     Axis Selection Process
2.     Search through Axis database
3.     CV sorting - set selection criteria for role/function
4.     Telephone screening
5.     Interviews - in-house Round 1 interviews
a)     Candidates may be asked to submit work samples, take on-site tests, engage in various selection activities depending on the position in question

Client selection

1.     Shortlisted candidates are sent to clients (we do the scheduling)
2.     We also send our interview notes (to be read AFTER clients interview candidates)
3.     We may or may not join the client for interviews (depending on client's preference)

Final Selection

1.     After interviews, we follow up with clients and candidates
2.     Clients provide contract information for new hires - start date, salary etc...
3.     We generate an invoice and send it to the client along with service report

Follow Up

1.     Follow up and feedback forms will be sent to clients

For more details on our recruitment process, including fees, please register/login.